Goodwin/Dahlstrom Colloquium: On Trust


Good reasons for trusting climate science communication Tuesday, 7 December, 2:10-3:20 310 Carver Conference Room

Jean Goodwin will be talking through an early version of her work with Michael Dahlstorm, to be presented at the American Meteorological Society conference in January.  Communication specialists from the social sciences have been advising climate scientists for a while about how to present their science in a more credible fashion, e.g., by using clear language and humor.  Use of these or other persuasive devices is unlikely to reach skeptical audiences, however, since we are rightfully suspicious of those who are trying to persuade us.  An alternative approach, in line with some contemporary humanistic approaches to communication, would urge climate scientists instead to give their audiences good reasons for trust.  What might such reasons look like?