Other team projects

Here are some of our other projects:


Strengthening the Professoriate is a follow-up on ISU’s successful ADVANCE program.  This NSF funded program offers research-based support to science and engineering faculty developing career-long broader impact plans.  The project team is working with this new program, reaching out to help young scientists develop their public communication skills.

Critical Thinking Tutorials

deLaplante is offering a series of lessons on critical thinking basics via this great website.

Rhetoric Society of America Workshop on Science, Controversy, Policy

Team member Jean Goodwin led a workshop on communication across the science/politics borderline at a summer institute for graduate students and new faculty organized by the Rhetoric Society of America in June, 2011.  See the RSA website for full details.

Honors Seminar, Spring 2011

The team is offering an honors seminar on "Spinning Science," helping students understand some of the complexities of science communication before supporting them as they organize their own science communication events.

American Meteorological Society annual meeting

As part of an initiative to link communication scholars with scientists, the National Science Foundation provided travel funds to the AMS conference, Seattle, January, 2011.  Goodwin and Dahlstrom delivered a paper on  "Good reasons for trusting climate science communication," which integrating humanistic and social scientific research on trust and credibility and applying it to the contemporary position of scientists in the climate change debate.

Climate Change Communication Collection (CCCC)

A collection of peer-reviewed research articles to better inform scientists how to present, speak, and communicate about climate change and issues regarding climate change. This database was completed by Madelyn Huinker (Communication Studies, Environmental Studies) in Fall 2020. Visit here: Climate Change Communication Collection (CCCC)